Let’s face it- hip hop is not what it used to be.

Since the current trend in music has taken a road towards more commercial hip hop, the question arises; “Is it really even “hip hop” anymore?”

Have we lost touch with what made authentic hip hop so great to begin with?

What used be an embedded culture of storytelling through personal experiences and struggles has been replaced with shallow lyrics promoting sex, violence, money, and drugs. The whole lifestyle of what is means to be a hip hop artist and a hip hop fan has completely evolved passed a message. Fortunately for the hip hop fans who are looking to get back to the original roots, this is changing. The scene is shifting once again as underground rappers are rising to the top of the music industry and revolutionizing it once again. As new up and coming artists battle big name headliners for a war on credibility vs. fame, we’re seeing the music scene under a microscope. Where is the future of hip hop headed?

Though an artist may rely heavy on the passion of their craft to get them to the top, it’s the authenticity of their work of art that keeps them there. An artist could love what he/she does, but if they’re not able to speak to the minds of their audience, outside of a hit to turn up at the club to, then they ultimately flop. Artists need to portray a lasting message onto their listeners, and that quality is unfortunately something a lot of today’s famous rappers currently lack. Today’s music relies on the sound of the beats more so than the actual lyrics they’re preaching. It is because of this that many accredited music critics say this is the best time for up and coming rappers to enter the scene. With the youth of America growing and a hip hop industry that isn’t growing with them, underground artists with creative minds should and are jumping in and taking advantage.

Up and coming artists who recognize this disconnect within the music industry are stepping forward. Business partners and rap duo YBM is one of the underground groups to emerge. With a unique message, YBM inspires to instill the value of education and having a business mindset to their young audience. YBM members Efficial and Reecialago have been through personal struggles and hardships, inspiring them to write raw material that can truly deliver an experience to hip hop. Their latest track “I Do” was recently released on Amazon and the buzz that it got truly symbolizes their success. “I Do” peaked at #1 for both the Southern Hip Hop chart and Pop Rap chart. This Amazon success caught the attention of Times Square, who plastered their faces on a digital billboard. The popularity of their latest song can only give us the slightest idea of what is yet to come from them. Efficial says, “I live by musical expression and believe I have the desire, drive, and motivation for success.”

“Business is business and that is the only sense we gotta make!” – YBM

Being lyricists that are nothing short of inspirational, YBM knows how to arouse their listeners. They aren’t just songwriters rapping about unrealistic fame expectations like the naked women and bountiful drugs, rather rhyming with reason to influence their audience and touch their souls. YBM is that breath of fresh air we can all benefit from in the hip hop industry. Promoting concepts that resonate to the youth, YBM can be real game changers as they leave their imprint. While encouraging their listeners to be business driven, they show how songs can be more than just a trend in music. YBM is only going to get bigger, so keep your eyes on them.



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