Alice in Chains performed this past Friday (May 9th 2014) at Ovation Hall at Revel Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. As AIC fans, a bunch of us decided to go to the show. They took that stage at exactly 9:00PM sharp which is surprisingly early but probably had something to do with their tour schedule and agreement with the venue.

We had general admission tickets in the standing area (which is what we prefer for a rock show). The boys played a set just shy of 2 hours. They definitely rocked and the music and vocals were all on point for sure. The only thing we noticed is that we felt a vibe that they were playing more for a contractual obligation rather than being totally into it. A lack of “Passion” per say. We have most definitely seen other AIC shows where they seemed more connected with the crowd and “into it”. This time around it was almost as if they were just fulfilling their contract rather than “wanting” to be there. Perhaps this is what happens to any band over time. Playing the same set night after night on a tour must take a toll on any performer. This is not a negative judgment in any way. It was a great show. It is just a vibe we felt.

Overall, the show was awesome and we are glad we attended. They played their encore and finished up with “Would” as expected.

Here are a few videos we shot that night: