announces the official launch of the most innovative, bartering economy platform to date. Shwapportunity is the latest, revolutionary idea that is eliminating the inconvenience of online shopping and thus, wiping out competitors. This platform is trademarked as the only barter based economy operating on the internet. A barter economy is a cashless economic system in which services and goods are traded at negotiated rates. By paying homage to a throwback capitalist system, the creators of Shwapportunity have single-handedly transformed an industry.mainLogo

People can’t seem to stay away from the addiction of online shopping. Online shopping has become just as tedious as regular shopping. It is time and money and neither is always available.  Now there’s a new way to shop….Shwapportunity. Shwapportunity was built as an online trading marketplace for people who have the ability to share and “shwapp” their goods with one another.

This forum provides a quick, ongoing solution as the new medium to exchange and obtain merchandise. Shwapportunity was developed to alleviate the stress of having to wait for the next pay check to get the items that you desire. You also never have to feel like you wasted your money on impulse purchases or items that are no longer trending because now you can put them to good use. You can still fulfill your need to online shop as you view everyone’s belongings, only now you are getting an even better bargain than anticipated- free!

Shwapportunity offers an extremely wide range of various items to meet your lifestyle needs: everything from high-end couture, clothes for your child, as well as electronics. Members can upload multiple photos and add descriptions of their items which are then displayed in several different categories. “Shwapp” confirmation occurs almost instantly when a transaction is made because members are asked to ship their items within 24 hours – say goodbye to long waiting periods and overpriced items. The whole process is as simple to use as uploading a photo to any social media network. With Shwapportunity, your opportunities are endless.

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Each member has a profile or a “closet” of their personal items that they are looking to trade. Individuals have the ability to choose which items are being shwapped and with whom. Through the onsite messaging system, a person can deny a swap request, provide counter offers with one another, or simply accept the original trade. Individuals have the ability to also rate one another, their products, and experience in order to assist other members as they make their own transactions. There is absolutely no cash payments for items making this a completely exclusive, unique, one of a kind bartering economy.

Creator of Shwapportunity, Alicia Hiller, explains “The concept is simple. We have created an online platform that assists you in getting the products you want without the hassle of paying for them. Leave your wallet at home and search, locate and shwapp for items that you want. Our easy to use interface has your needs in mind. Load items into My Closet, then connect with others who are searching for products that you own. We created Shwapportunity with one vision in mind: to provide a simple and effective online platform for a surging industry.”

Although the site’s concept was developed by Hiller, she commissioned X Factor Digital Marketing to execute on her vision- bringing bartering back to the forefront.  “The team and I were extremely excited about this project as there is truly not a fully functional shwapping platform that integrates offers, counter-offers and an internal eco-system,” asserts Tom La Vecchia, President and Founder of X Factor Digital Marketing.


Turn an opportunity into a shwapportunity.

About Shwapportunity is an online bartering economy that allows individuals to find and swap products with other members. A community of people who have the ability to share and trade with one another in a forum providing a quick, ongoing solution with no need for money.

About Thomas La Vecchia

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