On Saturday, March 20th 2010, The NJRMG was granted VIP stage access at Rise in Lodi NJ to perform an exclusive High Definition video shoot of the very popular NY recording artist, Kim Sozzi, as she performed several of her top radio hits.

Early in the night:

We arrived at Rise early in the night and were led inside by our very good friend “Fun Anthony” (who is the one responsible for arranging this shoot for us).  Anthony put us in the VIP area while we had some drinks before Kim Sozzi arrived.  Actually, it turned out to be a lot of drinks!

By around 11:30, Rise really started to fill up and we must say that the crowd consisted of some really HOT people! We hadn’t been up there in a while and I recall commenting several times on that topic.We continued to enjoy our drinks and just hang and catch up with some friends while we waited for Kim to enter the building.

The main event:

Kim arrived and took the stage a few moments shy of 12:30 am and by then, crowd was pumped up. Everybody crammed around the stage area and welcomed Kim very warmly. She got right down to business and started performing her 1st song.  We got into our shooting position on stage and began to film. Since Kim had already started performing, we were limited to moving around so, we had to stand directly in front of a main speaker.  That, of course caused audio problems in our recording but nevertheless, we captured incredible HD video and her excellent singing voice could still be heard quite well. Let us assure you that her voice was right on the money. It is really commendable when an artist can perform live and sound just as good as a studio recording. This was certainly the case with Kim Sozzi. She continued to perform many of her big hits such as ‘ Alone”, ” How Did You Know”,” Feel Your Love” and “Secret Love”. She connected very well with the energetic crowd and everybody sang along and knew all of the words.

Seen below is a video clip from Kim’s live performance. If your computer can handle it, we suggest opting for the HD version.

From our eyes, the night went extremely well for Rise. There was a great vibe in the air and we had a great time. You had a very hot crowd, a ton of girls, an outstanding performance from Kim Sozzi.  Not an easy package to put together. With that said, special recognition needs to go to the following people: Fun Anthony, Bon Solid Productions, Billy Badass, Eugene and the entire staff and security team at Rise. These are the people who make it all happen!  We have to add a special shout again to Fun Anthony who always makes things happen for The NJRMG. He is both a part of our team as well as, a good friend!

Be sure to look out for our photo set from this event which will be posted shortly, as long as the HD videos on our Facebook Fan Page and YouTube channel.

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Be sure look out for our upcoming photo and video shoots at other NJ hotspots.  We look forward to seeing you all soon!