New Jersey identifies one authority name when it comes to sports supplements, fitness, and health; Gaspari. Jersey is known for big muscles, trim figures, and a rockstar attitude. It’s all about protein and gains, bro.

With a team of formulators on every compound, Gaspari Nutrition was built from the ground up with humble beginnings in New Jersey. Rich and Liz Gaspari escalated Gaspari Nutrition as the top supplier of supplements on an international scale. With Rich, seemingly the face behind the rapidly growing brand, Liz dictating sales, marketing, and expansion, Gaspari became the most influential name in the game.

After creating formulas for their supplements, Liz took matters into her own hands creating and perfecting the formula behind Gaspari’s success, “where there is a will, there is a way!”

Ego was never an issue for Liz, even after the company experienced a recent plateau, and some would even say downfall, immediately following the peak of the company’s sales and big name accomplishments. Many people associate the rise of an empire with Rich Gaspari, but Liz lead the forefront in distribution for their global presence.

The age old proverb is proven through Liz’s determination noted as saying, “It only takes one yes!” And that one yes just happened to come after months of persistence targeting the famous, Vitamin Shoppe!

Protein was appealing to the masses and Liz knew how to separate the line of products from their competitors which fueled the explosion allowing Gaspari Nutrition to climb above top billing predecessors. Now that is rockstar status!

After her separation from her marriage with Rich, as well as the company, Liz does it again! Liz Gaspari, reigning “Queen of Supplements”, is securing her cutting-edge title by revamping her image with a new line of supplements to be released soon. As a single mother, she continues to maintain her trailblazing ways and business savvy expertise! Her ongoing vendor relationships has helped to catapult as the ultimate platform of the aesthetic and fitness products her following desires.

Health & wellness is the most widely influenced market as people seek solutions to enhance their physical well-being. The Supplement Queen presents nutritional expertise and a variety of high-quality supplements and products to complete a total transformation curated at discount costs. Liz’s passion has driven her beyond expectations and has broken gender barriers in an industry typically dominated by men, through her personalized, and extremely strong vendor relationships, both domestic and abroad.

Liz Gaspari does not just offer products, she offers an experience. An experience that is committed to her promise for achieving beauty, health, balance, and confidence. SupplementQueen’s mission is to provide the ultimate harmony between your body and nutritional supplements. Liz has demonstrates she has what it takes to still be in high demand and high control. A leading lady and business mogul, Liz continuously surpasses her already established credentials as her celebrity following, catches up with her integrity and validity.